Neco 2021 English Language Essay and Objective Answers

 Neco 2021 English Language Essay and Objective Answers 

a) According to the passage, the students hated Geography because because of the incompetent teacher that they had.
b) The school Guidance Counsellor was astonished at the behaviour of the students because he had advised the students to offer the subject up to their school certificate level.
c) The students received the principal's dream of them becoming successful pilots with thunderous applause.
d) The irony of the principal's statement was that the teacher who was supposed to help the students actualise the dream killed it in them.
e) I.. Relative clause
   Ii... Qualifies the noun phrase "Guidance Counsellor".
f) The students were compelled to investigate the old Geography teacher because they realized that he was less competent than the replacement teacher.
g) According to the writer, students performance could be enhanced in subject areas if specialized teachers were employed.
h)Retrospectively : back
   Ii) Thunderous: loud
 Iii) Zeal : enthusiasm
 Iv) Specialist: expert
 V)Entreaties: requests
 Vi) Scratch : beginning
a)  The reasons advanced at the sport summit for the poor performance of Nigeria at the London 2012 Olympic games were:
 1. The athletes were not well prepared.
2. The athletes were not well motivated
b) Two resolutions that were reached at the sport summit were:
 1. The right things should be done at the right time.
2. The athletes should be prepared early enough.
c) The developments which hindered the implementation of the resolutions reached at the summit were:
 1. The replacement of the Sport Minister and the dissolution of Nigeria Academicals Sports Committee
 2. Poor funding of the sector from the Federal government.
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